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El Molino: One of Napa’s best-kept secrets

When penning a story about El Molino winery, it is difficult to determine where to begin: There’s its history as one of the first wineries in the Napa Valley, dating to 1871. There’s the historic label, a version of the … Continue reading

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Announcing a unique wine club just for my friends!

One of the benefits of living in wine country and occasionally writing about wine is that I meet a lot of great people, some of whom own wineries or make wine. I also get to sample some unique wines at … Continue reading

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National Geographic: No More Juice in The Camera

I was saddened to learn of layoffs this week at The National Geographic Society as Rupert Murdoch’s takeover went into effect. Although staffers had been promised that no changes in direction would take place, a number of the magazine’s most … Continue reading

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How Uber Ratings Work for Passengers and Drivers

People who have hailed an Uber car at least once know that they must rate their driver on a scale of 1-5 stars at the end of the ride, or before they are allowed to order a subsequent ride. Drivers, … Continue reading

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Harvest 2015: Chaos on the Crush Pad

Traditionally, September and October are when the Napa Valley grape harvest is in full swing. The Valley comes alive during that time; the roads choked with trucks hauling tons of grapes in those ubiquitous white bins. The air is ripe … Continue reading

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