Below are links to articles I have written that have been published, beginning in January of 2013:

Todd Alexander named winemaker at Bryant Family (Napa Valley Register 1/4/13)

Biodynamic farming in the Napa Valley (Napa Valley Register 1/11/13)

Hollywood veterans help transform vintner marketing (Napa Valley Register 1/25/13)

“Napa Valley Rocks” makes its premier during Premiere (Napa Valley Register 2/22/13)

Masters of Wine gather to teach, learn, taste (Napa Valley Register 2/22/13)

One winery’s view of the auction (Napa Valley Register 3/1/13)

Major leaguers turn from primetime to wine time (Napa Valley Register 4/5/13)

What makes the Napa Valley special can’t be shaken (Napa Valley Register 8/26/14)

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