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Third story in four weeks. Does this make me a veteran?

I was very happy to find out yesterday afternoon that my latest story would be running in today’s Napa Valley Register. When I write my own stories, the editor just holds them until a week when the Friday wine section … Continue reading

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New Year, New Job: Reporting for the Napa Valley Register!

One of the great things about life is never knowing what’s going to happen next. Take my new job, for instance. As I spent more and more time becoming immersed in the Napa Valley, I kept meeting people and learning … Continue reading

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What could be better than living in the Napa Valley?

Aah, it’s funny how perspective depends upon your point of view. Many of you know how fortunate I feel that Laurie and I moved here 19 months ago. In many ways it is the best decision of my life, and … Continue reading

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Better late than early: On aged white wines

For many years I believed, like so many other wine drinkers, that red wines were better when aged and white wines were best consumed very young. Certainly, while it is often true, it turns out that it is not always … Continue reading

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How is winemaking like baseball?

Sorry, but there is no punchline to this one (e.g. “the bottom of the 5th and the bags are loaded.”) No, this is about an interesting fact I learned during my vineyard and winery visits during the 2012 harvest. As … Continue reading

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