My award-winning limerick from Wine Writers Symposium

During the Professional Wine Writers Symposium this week, we were challenged to write a poem about Tuesday night’s after-party, featuring some noted 2002 Napa Cabernets. The following limerick, written in about five minutes just prior to the deadline, was awarded second prize at the gala dinner last night. Since I was asked to produce a copy of it, I am attaching it here:

A wine writer, knowing my sentiment                                                                                        offered a decade-old Cab, quite pre-eminent.                                                                          “Pour me a glass, my friend!                                                                                                  And we’ll drink to the end                                                                                                          of the bottle, or ’til we hit sediment.”

Thank you, thankyouverymuch.

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One Response to My award-winning limerick from Wine Writers Symposium

  1. Ron Wicker says:

    Kort….You’re on a ROLL!!! WTG my friend.


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