Hold the air freshener, gimme a cheeseburger instead

Because this is Napa, one expects to find an abundance of good food almost anywhere in town. But at the car wash?

Last Friday I headed down to the Napa Classic Wash just off First Street and Highway 29, by the outlet mall, to remove a month’s worth of insects and grime from my automobile. I had heard a rumor that there was a cafe attached to the carwash that had great burgers (among other things), and since it was lunch hour, I decided to clean the car and sate my appetite at the same time.

I pulled in and put my car in line and waited for my turn at the vacuum pump. As I inched closer, I saw the small cafe building up on the left. It even has a drive-up window for those bypassing the car wash. When I finally hit the front of the line, I exited my vehicle and made my way inside Andie’s Cafe.

My first thought as I entered the tiny space and eyed the extensive menu was “how in the hell can such a small place offer so many choices?” Although I am a huge fan of breakfast burritos, and while Andie’s burrito is supposed to be awesome, it was lunch time so I went for the Western Burger (1/3-pound patty, potato bun, cheddar cheese, bacon, mayo, BBQ sauce, lettuce, pickles, tomato and ONION RINGS!). Within ten minutes my burger was ready and my car was still waiting to be dried. So I went ahead and ate it.

All I can say is, the rumors were true. Awesome burger: juicy, fresh ingredients, great bun, cooked perfectly, wrapped like a burger should be (yellow paper wrapped around about 2/3 of the burger)… it was burger nirvana. I may have even had a burgasm.

I immediately regretted not having my camera. So, while I do not have photos of the place, or the burger, I can offer you this link to a web review of Andie’s, replete with photos. (Feels good to help a fellow blogger out.) Enjoy this link, and be sure to grab a bite at Andie’s next time you are headed away from a great day of wine tasting in the Napa Valley.

And by the way, they did a nice job of cleaning the car, as well.

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2 Responses to Hold the air freshener, gimme a cheeseburger instead

  1. Scott Metteauer says:

    My new favorite word “Burgasm”


  2. Jacqui says:

    I want one!


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