Not quite 99 balloons

Today I’ll spare you the dialogue and just share some great photos I took Tuesday morning, June 21st, just after 6am, about a quarter-mile from my house. The balloon pilots are pretty good at flying those things down the valley and landing right where they are supposed to… most of the time. Yesterday, one balloon went down in a yard about two blocks from our house. They disembarked and the balloon was deflated and taken away.

Hope you enjoy the photos. For me, watching them come down the valley and land is even better (and cheaper!) than flying in one. Just click on the photos to see them full-size.

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One Response to Not quite 99 balloons

  1. Stephanie Aldrete says:

    These are stunning photos, Kort. On a morning like that, how can you leave the neighborhood and drive to SV?

    P.S. Best place to read your blog — on the BART train going to work — puts me in another place (which is necessary on most commutes these days) and makes a great start to the day. Thanks!


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